Getting Started

Installing Freya was made to be as simple as it can, however there still is some configuration that needs to be done before it can be used! Please set aside ample time to patiently and fully read through the install documentation.

Setup Note

While Freya is somewhat of a drag-and-drop system you will still be required to do a bit of configuration on your webhost/VPS - this is mostly pointing your web server to the correct directory.


There are a list of requirements that must be met before Freya can be used on your machine. If you're using a VPS or something that lets you use a terminal to install packages you can follow the installation guide for installing these requirements. These are mostly for people on shared web hosts to be worried about.

  1. PHP >= 7.2.5
  2. BCMath PHP Extension
  3. Ctype PHP Extension
  4. Fileinfo PHP Extension
  5. JSON PHP Extension
  6. Mbstring PHP Extension
  7. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  8. PDO PHP Extension
  9. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  10. XML PHP Extension
  11. GMP Module PHP Extension

It may seem like a long and daunting list but most PHP 7.2.5+ builds come with most of these installed by default. The installation page will have an extension checker as-well.

Updating Freya


Not enough questions for this yet.