Web Servers

Web servers are basically what makes your websites show up on the world wide web. The following links below will take you to specific guides for installing and configuring specific web servers.

We highly recommend running NGINX, it's a lot more lightweight and faster than most of the other alternatives, it's also super easy to use.

Setting up DNS

Before you start your adventure into configuring your webserver you also have to setup your DNS so your domain points to the right location!

Usually after your A record is setup to the machines' IP it will register any new subdomains or something instantly.

CloudFlare DNS

CloudFlare can be used to manage your DNS really easily. This guide assumes you've already setup your domain with CloudFlare and it's ready to be modified.

  1. Head to your dashboard on CloudFlare
  2. Go into the domain you want to setup Freya on
  3. Click on the DNS tab at the top
  4. Create an A record
  5. Set the name to <domain>.<tld> (your domain)
  6. Set the IPv4 Address to your machines' address running Freya
  7. TTL auto
  8. Proxy status: Proxied
  9. Click save
  10. Wait a couple minutes for your DNS to propagate and bam, you're done.

You can pretty much follow this guide on anything, CloudFlare is the most widely used DNS manager so that's why I used it. If you're using something like namecheap however without CloudFlare, just follow steps 4 through 6.

After you've finished setting up your DNS you can continue on and setup the webserver. It's usually best to do the DNS first so it propagates while you setup your webserver.

Putting Freya on a sub-domain

Setting up Freya to a sub domain is pretty easy, especially if your domain is already setup with CloudFlare and what not. All you need to do is basically point the A record to the machine IP running Freya.